What to expect

A standard mat Pilates class will begin with an approximately 10 minutes warm up, this is frequently done in a standing position. The purpose is to bring your focus into the class, get the blood flowing & warm up the major joints; shoulders, hips, knees & ankles.

The main section of the class is done in a range of different position; lying on back (supine), lying on front (prone), side lying, four point kneeling & side lying. Pilates is a whole body movement with a focus on core "powerhouse" torso muscles, using the body to create resistance & work your muscles holistically.

The closing, cool down section involves stretches of the major muscle groups worked in class & are commonly tight in most people, for example the hip flexors, gluteals & shoulders.

You are unlikely to get hot & bothered, needing a shower afterwards, you will get warm & the heart rate elevated

What to wear

Clothing should allow free movement of the body & permit you dignity when bending over, moving the legs, in some cases doing roll backs.

The majority of clients wear clothing suitable for yoga or the gym; leggings, lightweight joggers, t-shirts or vest tops. Necklines should be high & ideally close to the body, & leggings/joggers/shorts to be high on the waist for your own modesty. Shorts are acceptable, not too short, if have wide leg openings or baggy, please wear cycling shorts underneath.

Pilates is done without shoes or trainers, either in socks, with or without non-slip sticky soles, or barefoot. Just ensure either option is clean & fresh. Toe socks are beneficial as help the toes spread, but by no means necessary or required

What to bring

Please check with Clare in advance if new to the class, in most cases mats & small equipment is provided. Please feel free to bring your own mat if you prefer.

If workable & feasible, it is a good idea to bring a hand towel to class. This can be placed onto the mat, when lying down this permits free movement of the ribs when breathing, used as a head support if needed or an accessory to an exercise. It is by no means necessary.