Booking Policy

South Haringay classes Wednesday & Friday are booked in 6 week blocks must be used over a maximum 2 month period. They cannot be carried over after the 2 months have expired, no refunds permitted. If you need to miss a class due to holidays etc., please let Clare know in person or by email at least 24 hours in advance that you are unable to attend

British Library classes operate as a closed group. Classes are booked in 6 week blocks with no swap-ins, drop-ins or carry-overs

Cancellation Policy

South Haringay classes Wednesday & Friday if you cannot attend a class, please give minimum 24 hour notice before your class. If notice is not given 24 hours in advance, the non-attended class will be counted as part of your pre-paid 6 week block booking. No refunds are permitted.

Individual, private classes, please give minimum 48 hour notice for cancellation 

British Library classes are a closed group, notification needed only if leaving the class so your place can be offered to someone else on the waiting list.

Please give notice by either email or text ensuring you state your name in full.

Transaction Fee



Personal Responsibility





Monies paid by cash or bank transfer (BACS) does not incur any transaction fees. It is possible to pay for your class using a bank card at the beginning or end of class should you not have any cash to hand, this isn't a problem. Regrettably the bank card reader device incurs a transaction fee of 1.75% which Pilates with Clare cannot cover, this will be added to any classes paid using the card reader. For example, a £13 drop-in class, paying by card in class will be £13.23, a block booking of 6 weeks at £72 will be £73.26

Before attending class you will be requested to complete a health assessment form, this gives you an opportunity to advise your teacher of any health issues which need to be taken into consideration. If you do have any health issues, please ensure that you have been given permission by your doctor, physiotherapist or health practitioner before attending a class.

When participating in a Pilates class, personal responsibility for your own well being is essential; only you can know how your body feels & responds to an exercise. Moving into any kind of pain or discomfort is to be avoided at all costs. If you experience any pain or discomfort in class, stop the movement immediately & alert your teacher.


If you attend classes at Pilates with Clare, we will collect data from you on a health form. This is data necessary so that we know any health issues that could affect your abilities in class & enables us to keep you safe. It is also needed to validate public liability insurance. All health forms are stored electronically on a GDPR safe Cloud-Based system. Hard copies are saved in a locked file storage box. Health forms may be shown to other teachers covering Pilates with Clare during holiday periods, this is done to ensure your safety in classes, they do not keep hold of a copy.

Your name, address, phone & email details are also held by Pilates with Clare. This is so that we can contact you about your bookings, changes or possible disruption. We need your home address in order to process card payments & knowing your whereabouts will allow us to notify any venue changes. We ask for your date of birth as this may be relevant to your practice & we also keep emergency contact details in case of an incidents. The data is password protected &compliant with GDPR policies.

Your contact details are not shared with anyone else &we do not share email lists or sell our data. You can ask to see the information we hold for you at any time.

We ask you for consent to be contacted by Pilates with Clare by personal email, text, phone, Facebook chat or WhatsApp in order that we may communicate messages about classes, class logistics & payment. Any personal emails from us will be via a GDPR secure system.

We will ask for a separate consent if you wish to receive newsletters with updates about workshops or new classes for example. You can withdraw consent for this at any time independently of us holding the information we need to serve you as a client. 

If you decide to stop classes, Pilates with Clare will keep your details in case you decide to return to us. We will retain this data for 1 year. Please note that we are obliged to retain notes written about your practice for 7 years in order to comply with our insurance requirements, however, only your name will be retained, not your contact information, the information will be held securely in on a GDPR safe Cloud-Based system.

You have the right remove consent at any time, please inform Pilates with Clare & you will be removed from the database & paper files destroyed.