Breathing & Balance

I attended a workshop this weekend on Osteoporosis and Pilates, run by Mary Thorton at the Tranquility Studios in Blackfriars, London

The knowledge I gained on how to work with clients with Osteoporosis was invaluable, in addition the key message I took home was the importance of both balance and breathing when teaching Pilates. It is essential both are a key focus within a class, balance as this is the first thing to decrease with age and breathing to ensure rib movement for mental and physical wellbeing

I discussed in my previous blog the 360° breath and rib movement, this was reinforced with Mary’s workshop. She highlighted that tight ribs restrict breathing, all body movement and can exacerbate tightness in the spinal muscles. By encouraging diaphragmatic breathing deep into the lower ribs, we can work to improve the movement of the ribs, strengthening the intercostal muscles to free up stiffness in the torso.

Balance, by which I mean the physical act of balancing on our feet has been highlighted to me repeatedly that if we don’t test and practice our balance, the skill will diminish with age. Over time the body becomes more closed in and tight as become more fearful that a lack of balance will lead to a fall and broken bones. I will be featuring a lot more balancing exercises in class going forwards